Thursday, April 29, 2010

Japanese boy =)

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Today was the last day i saw n teach my japanese boy-Loke T.T  Cz i wil resign my work soon..haiz..When i told him 2day i was the last day i teaching him..he felt sad too..He said he gonna miss me even more n more..feel so touching..he gv me a fly kiss 2day too :)
Mei mei 2day no slp n cum join us 4 study i teach her some chinese word..she vry funny..keep repeating wad i saying..
Exp: Loke,faster do ur work!!! Later cnt fn in time..Thn the mei2 followed me say n ask him do faster..haha..
Both of them r so cute...n i oso keep talking wif them..thx 4 all of them gv me such a sweet memory teching at thr..Im enjoy all the time 2gather wif them =]

Mei Mei is writing


Mei2's writing

Peace v^^

Peece again v^^v

Loke is doing his writing too =)

Weird looking

Two cute little kids

Me n Mei mei

Loke & me

Capture pic agn^^

Photographer Loke :)

Gonna miss him

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Saturday, April 24, 2010
Last Sat n sun  i went 2 AMC college 2 study a short coarse along wif my sis-UBS accounting lvl 1&2..Thr hv so many aunty n uncle studied n oso some malay ppl..While studying at thr hv some funny thg had vry the coarse start frm 8am til 5pm..within the duration ony gt 2hr 4 rest..Still gt free breakfast n lunch 2 eat..hv 2 took a personal pic n group pic at thr..The lecturer taught speedy especially wen afternoon cz he hv 2 finish teach each level in 1 day..He jx gv few min 4 us 2 complete the stil blur2 in doin tat so hw cn i manage finish so fast..Almost all the Q oso continue 1..if i skip doin 1 Q thn my final ammount wil incorrect..So i cn start day dreaming cz hv some Q i hv skip =.='' Luckily hv a kind uncle sat bside me..he guide n explain 2 me many thgs..thx a lot =) He help me 2 correct all the mistake i hv done and let me c his work n oso explain 1 by 1 4 me.. After finished study tis coarse..i feel lik gt bit nt vry interesting in accounting..Somehow..i ared register n paid 4 the payment 2 study account soon..
So jx try my best n dn left any regret in my life!!!

Food court at Likas Square

Chart Of Account..type tis all out n put them in a right group

Miii & Sista

Waiting for breakfas =)

UBS Accounting lvl 1

UBS Accounting lvl 2

Lecturer teaching

Breakfast voucher

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Thursday, April 15, 2010
13/4 = Went 2 cp n warisan wif frenz..After tat v taking our lunch at warisan..The cp n warisan r like no hot..v oso went 2 plyed pool at 1b..last tym i owes went thr  wif my frenz nvr this the first time i nt really plyed well on it..Wen n audrey r pro in plying tat..hv fun on tat day =)

Our lunch

Taking pic wif audrey while waiting 4 the traffic

Me,leng n wen

At Warisan-Roxy

Playing pool XD

Granddaughter n me

15/4 = Wait audrey came pick me up thn v went 2 1b watched movie wif other gang of frenz..v went 2 watch Haunted Room..the movie is so lousy..vry confused..many scene of the movie r refresh back..however v still get shocked by 1 part n many of us scream it out..haha..After tat Audrey send me 2 work..So happy cn c my japanese boy agn..2day i teach him hw 2 pronouce colour in chi n gv him some writing..Finally i get the chance 2 capture his pic =)


Cute pose agn
He is making love shape 4 me XD

Loke was taking is ss pic by himself 

Qawaii Loke n Me
Lokesato Chin

Edit pic

Friday, April 2, 2010

1st of april

Friday, April 2, 2010
So fast i hv over my 18th birthday!!!! jx like blinking my eyes then over tat day ared..feel a bit sad..Should b hapi too cz i hv grow up..Tats nthg special had happened on my bday..just as usual..nid 2 work agn..i teach a japanese boy chinese..tthen i ask him teach me japanese xp he ony 6years old..very very cute..nex tym i must get a chance to capture his cute picture..he oso vry talkactive..keep talking wif me while he r writing..Hup cn c him agn nex wek =] jx hanging out wif my frenz 2 celebrate my bday..went 2 watched movie..Beauty on is a nice n funny movie..i lik it..Havent get many presents yet..hope cn get more soonnn XD hehe.. My da hv gv me a wallet tat i like it so much..thanks daddy^^ n thx 4 everyone who stil rmbr my bday n wishing me..thx a lot..I will appreciate it =) thanks u guyss!!!

Card designed by Cherise n Audrey..Thank you so much :)

Beauty on duty..funny movie XD