Sunday, January 31, 2010

Working day

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Now only I realize create a blog are not easily.
It took a lot of times for me 2 create tis blog.
Today i like usually went 2 work. Haha. but 2day gt bit boring.
Not much thing 2 do. just did some decoration for Chinese New Year..
me n ting ony used about 1hr 2 finished decorate..
cz yterday v ared did the decoration for 3 tables..*so rush*
2day ony left 1 table 2 decorate..after that me n ting doin nthg at shop.
only talking n read magazine..luckily 2day gt few group of tourist came..
so v go serve them n i oso success to sell few thg..haha..n i oso bought 2 bracelet at my working shop thr..
Ting oso gt bought 2 bracelet n 1 of the bracelet she bought is same wif me bt different colour.. v choose vry long tym at thr cz gt too many choices..dn knw wan 2 buy which 1..but finally v make a decision 2 buy which 1..I only spend RM11 2 buy the 2 bracelet since im the staff at thr so gt discount xp
hehe..i going bac hum around 5.45pm then went 2 servay bought sumthg..
Finally, going bac hum..feel tired..2ml hv 2 go work as part-time ttn tcher it is quite fun if used to it..

Doing CNY decoration using angpau

Decoration tat done by me n ting xp

Bird nest..vry expensive 1..the price over thousand